The essence of  ESSENZA



Mankind often make errors where he quickly judges the essence of a person, animal, plant or even objects based on the criteria ofa form, color and material values rather than thinking of the essence of such things.


Moreover, contemporary society is not only filled with complex and flamboyant things but also various stimuli, making it difficult to identify the essence of things. Amidst all this, discussing the essencein itself can be deemed as pedantic or boring. This would be similar to thinking that only your image reflected in the mirror is all there is to truth. So, I would like to talk about the essence that exists within, but perhaps not reflected on the mirror.


What is essence? In a literal sense, essence is the nature or appearance of the object itself. Therefore, we need to think about the essence of ourselves first. What is the essence of myself? As written in textbooks, many numerous dots come together to form a line and many numerous lines come together to form a surface. Many numerous surfaces come together to form three dimensional objects. In a similar manner, the existence of myself, too, could be seen as collective of cells, and myself that is that collective can be seen as one of the many dots that form this world. If we look back on the essence and not the commonly seen results, the small energy that is within the essence changes and grows through small or big energy. This process does not happen just once but is always ongoing, affecting the essence itself. Through such change, a larger energy is formed and sometime the self becomes integrated into the big energy. At the same time, the form and meaning undergoes constant change. When the cycle of change happens over a number of times, the world we live in comes to life in three-dimensional world and,myself becomes a part of the three dimensional present as well. Of course, the present world and the future situation are converted into another three-dimensional formthat has a different appearance, color or material value, creating a reflection of tomorrow in the mirror that is different from that of today. Even while I’m writing this text, the essential energy is constantly reproducing. What are your thoughts at this present moment, affected by your present feelings? This, too, will take the energy of your essence into a different direction.

summer. 2012


Invisible movement (Movimento Invisibile)




There are two kinds of large cherry trees at corners of my atelier. There is a small tree under the one of these trees so that all artists can get together in the shade to share lunch. Both trees produce a large amount of cherries every year, which I share with all the artists and those who work around us. These trees create a unique energy with the many fruit and many people, including me, enjoy various forms of joy and happiness through the fruit. What started from a small seed has grown into a large tree that offers a wide and cool shade and, also a tree that generously shares its energy with those around it. Like the trees, do I share my unique energy with many others?


There are many people who understand and enjoy my energy around me. Whether they are my family members or my friends, we live together in various forms of communities. All life delivers their own energy to other living being. The energy created by one living being that is myself is delivered to all living beings connected to myself. I hope that such energy can be used as an ingredient to regenerate new energy in other people. That is my earnest hope. For example, through my sculpture work, I show my energy visually. Just as I have gotten through, my work, I hope, will serve as a stimulus for new creation.


Such an energy is constantly moving within myself, my family, friends, my community, my school, my city, my country and this world. For me, invisible movement is the movement of such energy that happens between all living beings and their relation among themselves.

winter. 2018



Tutto cio che ha in se' un soffio di vita hanno una propria energia. noi la prendiamo e trasformandola, ne creiamo una nuova. Il mio lavoro vuole rappresentare l'energia invisiblie presente in questo fenomeno, che si attua tramite un processo perpetuo e circolare di generazione e scissione.

"Allora l'Eterno Dio formo' l'uomo dalla polvere della terra, gli soffio' nella narici un alito di vita, e l'uomo divenne un'anima vivente"  7; 2 Genesi